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Exedol takes very seriously its responsibility in terms of personal data protection is a Exedol brand site of the company:

Proton System d.o.o., Viline Vode bb, Free zone Belgrade, MB: 17234498.

Exedol (further referred to as the website) is committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with the best possible experience of using our website. In order to make the best use of the time spent on our site, we need certain personal information about you, which will help us to adjust the content to your taste and desires.

Please read this statement in order to understand how we treat your personal information. This statement can be changed, so we recommend checking it periodically.

This Privacy Policy describes how Exedol uses visitors’ personal information. By giving your personal information and accepting the Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that you consent to use your data as described in this Policy. If the Privacy Policy changes, we will publish the changed text of the Policy on this page. By continuously using our site, as well as by giving your data when online ordering, you confirm that you agree with the changes to the Policy.

The Privacy Statement is a document that guarantees the privacy of our users on the Internet. You can view the site for free and without any obligation to reveal your identity or leave any personal information. If you choose to use one of the services we offer (Question, Chat, Order, Comment, Experience), it is necessary that you leave us personal information in order to provide you with the required information. We only require information that is necessary for us so we could fulfill your request. (When you ask the question, we need a contact for feedback; when it comes to ordering we need your data to send you the product…)

How and why are we collecting information

The website asks for your personal information only if you want to use one of our services or you voluntarily fill out the forms on our website.

If you visit a website, our web provider will automatically record information that includes your computer’s IP address, browser type, domain name, time of visit, the address of the website you are using and all the information about the pages you visit on our site, which you were notified on every page of the web site.

We collect this data for statistical analysis of the use of our pages, in order to improve the quality of the service.
Note: Our web provider does not record your email address or any other information that could be used for your personal identification. You can disable recording these data if you correctly set up your web browser – more on this below.

The data we collect is the following:

  • Domain and IP address
  • The type of browser and operating system that has been accessed to our site
  • Time of access and the length of visit
  • Pages you visit
  • If you have linked our portal from another site, the address of that site
  • If you provide us with information by yourself

In which cases we record your private information:

  • Asking questions

(Name, email – to which we provide the answer)

Contact data and questions are stored in the internal database as long as the author does not request the question to be deleted from the database.

  • Online ordering for Serbia

(Name and last name, address, contact telephone and email address)

Contact data are collected in a local CRM that is stored, as long as the customer does not ask to delete it. The database is stored on the local server within the company and is backed up on a secure DropBox account. The information that buyers leave us will also be kept for up to a year at the mail server hosting.

  • Online ordering outside of Serbia

(First and last name, address, email, phone)

Contact data are collected in a local CRM that is stored, as long as the customer does not request to delete it, as well as in the database of the website itself. At any time, the user can request it to be deleted from the same. The local database is stored on a local server within the company and is backed up on a secure DropBox account. The information that buyers leave us will also be kept for up to a year at the mail server hosting.

  • Registration for a prize game

(Name and last name, address, email, telephone) * If necessary, we can customize the fields that we are looking for the prize games in accordance with the Law on Games of Chance of the Republic of Serbia

We keep the data for the prize game as far as determined in the prize game. At any time, the user can request it to be deleted.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter

(Name, email address)

Through the Newsletter application fields are clearly marked with the rules that you accept and you can choose which information you want to receive. At any time you can have insight into your account and check out of the list. In that case, your data is deleted.

  • Online chat support

(IP address, name, email) software will record your IP address and determine where are you accessing from, for easier communication. You can view the privacy policy on their site or follow the link below in this policy.

Alternatively, you can share your name and email address in order to contact you with the answer. Data is stored in the local database until you request to delete it.

  • Leave comments

(Name/nickname, email address, IP address)

Anonymous nickname from an email address can be accessed by Gravatar to verify if you are using the same service. Here you can see Gravatar’s privacy policy. After approving comments, your profile picture is visible to the public. Comments are kept until the author requests removal or otherwise violates the ideology of the website.

  • Sharing the content

(jpg, gif, png file,IP address)

If you upload pictures to the website, you should avoid uploading images that contain personal information and location information (EXIF GPS). From them, you can read the location information where the image was made. The content can be stored while its application lasts (competition, photo contest …) or until the author asks to remove the document.

  • Sharing experiences

(First and last name, email, experience)

When you share experience and data, they are recorded internally on the server and stored there until you request for the removal. Also, on the hosting server, the backup will remain for a maximum of one year.

Your health information will only be stored locally and will not be forwarded or used for additional marketing activities unless you leave it in the form of comments. We store them only for the record and better understanding of your problem in order to give the best answer.


Your personal information is used:

  • In order to send the ordered products to the desired address
  • To send gifts, vouchers, invitations, etc. to the desired address.
  • To send them to the companies that are engaged in transport services. By direct contact, you will avoid all possible dilemmas and misunderstandings about the delivery.
  • In order to inform you occasionally about the changes in our offer, special benefits, important changes to our website.
  • The information collected will not be used for purposes other than those specified in this statement.


The website will not sell, trade, rent or give your personal information to a third party unless it is necessary to provide the service. If you do not want to receive information about changes to our websites, news about our offer and similar information, please feel free to let us know. Your name will be deleted from our list, shortly after receiving your message.

We can provide information about you to:

  • Other brands of Proton System.
  • Reliable third parties providing transport services (Post of Serbia, City Express) – the list below.
  • Customs services if the shipment is sent outside of Serbia.
  • Employees of Proton System to provide better customer and marketing services.
  • Third parties whose services we use for better service provision – the list below. (Proton System d.o.o.) may provide personal information to the client:

  • If required by the court
  • If necessary to protect the rights and ownership of our websites
  • If necessary to protect the personal safety of our users or the public.


The website is particularly concerned that the collected information about users is secure and protected from loss, alteration, unauthorized access and any kind of abuse.

The website is on a secure SSL server. We comply strictly with security procedures in regard to keeping and disclosing the information you provide to prevent unauthorized access to them.
From our site, links can lead to other websites. We are not responsible for the policy or procedures for data protection, nor for the content on these websites.


What is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

The Regulation on General Data Protection (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and harmonize data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It creates consistent data protection rules across Europe and relates to companies located in the EU and global companies that process personal information about individuals in the EU. The Regulation entered into force on May 25, 2018.

How does GDPR affect organizations/websites?

In addition to strengthening and standardizing user data privacy in EU countries, this will require new or additional obligations for all organizations dealing with personal data of EU citizens, regardless of where the organizations themselves are.

Here you can read the full general regulation on data protection.

The term GDPR ‘Personal Data’ is explained in this article.

Websites that process personal information will have to provide for users:

  1. The ability to inspect their records with the information provider (website/organization) upon request
  2. Removal of all the records of that person
  3. Clear notification at the time of entering the site that data is collected
  4. Where and how the data is used that visitors leave on the site
  5. Whether and to whom further information is forwarded
  6. How much information is stored and where


In order to provide the best service, the information can be forwarded to the following subprocessors:

Third partyReasonCountryWebsite
City ExpressDelivery to the
Post of SerbiaDelivery to the address outside
Customs duty of Serbia and countries in which goods are sentDelivery to the address outside
Tawk.toLive chat
PayPalOnline payment for foreign
Beotel, Inet, NinetHosting – email serviceSERBIA
TrelloInternal storage of invoices and
SlackInternal exchange for faster processing of orders through social
Facebook, InstagramChat and order by,
DropBoxBackup the internal database of the
WordfenceSecurity of website and
Limits Login AttemptsSecurity of
iThemesSecuritySecurity of website and

On their sites, you can look at individual privacy policies, but they all fall under the GDPR regulations.

Personal data is collected and stored in our personal database on the internal server – and if necessary we can distribute them to some of the subprocesses that are under the GDPR regulations on the list above. Personal information is also collected and stored in the email list (database) through Mailchimp software (email marketing and marketing automation) that customized its business to GDPR regulations (Mailchimp Privacy Policy), and they will remain on the hosting server for a maximum of one year. PayPal keeps records of foreign customers (PayPal Privacy Policy) and the backup database is also found on the protected DropBox account (DropBox Privacy Policy). For easier survey and tracking of foreign shipments, the Tracking Code shipments are located on the internal Trello account (Trello Privacy Policy) and can be shared via Slack software (Slack Privacy Policy).  Security plugins (Wordfence, Limit Login Attempts, iThemesSecurity) can retain IP addresses and store them for blacklisting purposes for this website to protect both the site and the visitors. By sending orders through a Messenger via Facebook and the Instagram Platform, you have already accepted their policies – and are further stored under this policy.


Below we will share of how long exactly are we keeping what data and where:

  • Ordering from Serbia
  • Local server – Excel:

Duration: We store the first level user base for 10 years, after which it is transferred to the old user’s database. When requested, we delete the record of a person.

  • DropBox – Excel:

Duration: We store the first level user base for 10 years, after which it is transferred to the old user’s database. When requested, we delete the record of a person.

  • Hosting Email – MSG/Text

Duration: Maximum one year.

  • Ordering from abroad
  • WP Database – SQL:

Duration: We store the database indefinitely or until removal is requested.

  • Local server – Excel:

Duration: We store the first level user base for 10 years, after which it is transferred to the old user’s database. When requested, we delete the record of a person.

  • Hosting Email – MSG/Text

Duration: Maximum one year.

  • Leaving questions/experiences/content through forms on the site
  • Local server – Excel:

Duration: We store the first level user base for 10 years, after which it is transferred to the old user’s database. When requested, we delete the record of a person.

  • Hosting Email – MSG/Text
  • Live support
  • The base

Unlimited or until the user requests a removal.

  • Hosting Email – MSG/Text

Duration: Maximum one year

  • Newsletter subscription
  • MailChimp database

Unlimited or until the user requests a removal.

  • Local server – Excel:

Unlimited or until the user requests a removal.

Cookie Policy

By using our website, you agree that we can store cookies and IP addresses and access them, use other methods to collect information about using the website and improve your online experience.
Due to recent changes to the law, all websites that are active across certain parts of the European Union must obtain consent to use or store cookies (or similar technologies) on your computers or mobile devices. This cookie policy provides you with clear and relevant information about the cookies we use and the reasons for using it.

Please contact us for further information about this policy or if you need a detailed list of all cookies used by our website at


By continuing to use our website, you agree that we can put cookies on your computer to analyze how you use our website. Please read this Cookie Policy carefully to learn more about the information we collect when using this site. If you do not want to accept cookies regarding your use of this website, you must stop using it.


Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer through the websites you visit or the specific emails you open. Their use is widespread in order for websites to function properly and how their owners can get business and marketing information.

The cookies we use on the website help us provide you with the better online experience, remember your parameters and help us improve the site. By accessing our websites, you agree that this Cookie Policy applies whenever you access the site, regardless of the device you are using.


Generally, the cookie contains a text string that contains browser information. It is not necessary for a cookie to recognize where you are from, it only needs to remember your browser.
Some cookies we use can store information about you that is more personal. However, such information is only stored if you have posted it by yourself on our website.


After you have given us consent regarding the use of cookies, a cookie will be saved on your computer or device to remember this setting for the next time. This ceases to be valid after a certain time (in any case for a period of 13 months). If at any time you want to withdraw your consent, you will need to delete the cookies through the settings in the Internet browser. For more information about deleting or blocking cookies, visit


Internet browsers allow you to change settings related to cookies. In your Internet browser, the settings are most often found in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu. The links below can be helpful if you want to better understand the settings. Or, for more information, you should use the “Help” option in your Internet browser.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari



Cookies are used to collect statistics about how visitors use our site. For example, for:
• collecting feedback on customer satisfaction through a survey on our website;
• getting an insight into how visitors use the website so that we can improve it in terms of its usability.


“Targeting” cookies are associated with third-party services, such as the “Like” and “Share” buttons. Third parties provide these services in exchange for recognizing that you have visited our website.
Linking to social networks like Facebook can make it possible for them to use information about your visit to target other sites on you.

Cookies provide agencies to advertise information about your visit so that they can offer you ads that might interest you.

All these cookies are managed by third parties, and for more information, you can view privacy notices on third-party websites.

By using our site, you accept the use of cookies for “targeting”. In some cases, the acceptance of these cookies is a condition for using the website. Therefore, if you disable/block them, we cannot guarantee that our site will work.

You can choose to permanently turn off this type of advertising by visiting


This website uses Google Analytics to analyze the use of the website. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect default browser visitor information of operating procedures and visitors or data in anonymous form. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including the IP address) is transmitted to Google. The information is then used to evaluate the use of the visitor’s website and to collect statistical reports on the activities on the website.

Google’s privacy policies are available at:

Google has developed an additional browser for Google Analytics JavaScript to disable it (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js). If you want to be excluded from Google Analytics, you can download and install an additional program for your network browser. For more information, click here.


This website implements and can use Google Display ad to reflect your interests on the web (remarketing). To determine your interests, Google will monitor your behavior on the web using cookies.
You can view, delete or add interest categories with your browser using Google’s Recommended Ad Manager, available at  However, this disabling mechanism uses a cookie, and if you delete cookies from your browser, the disabling mechanism will not be maintained. To keep the mechanism in relation to a particular browser, you should use Google’s browser.


This web-based software uses a set of activities that you are working on our website for the purpose of better understanding the user experience on our site and improving it. The service can record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scroll activity, and any text you type, except for the text in the order box. Crazy Egg does not collect data that identifies personal information.

You can choose to disable the service at


This web-based software allows us to deliver answers in the fastest possible way – in real time – to our visitors’ questions. is software that subjects to GDPR regulations (more about their policy here).


Safety accessories:

  • Wordfence
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • iThemesSecurity


They can use your IP address (anonymously) and block it from accessing the website if there is a suspicion that unauthorized requests are sent from that IP address, which may harm the website and indirectly to users. Plugins can update public “blacklists” with IP addresses from which the attacks are identified and thus protect other sites that use the same add-ons.


At any time you can request to unsubscribe from our lists or to send you your information we have in the database. You can also request the removal of these data by sending a request to, heading GDPR.

You can also contact us by phone: +381 11 20 70 807 or come personally to the address of our office, with prior notice, Viline vode bb, Free zone Belgrade.

The role of the GDPR Officer has been given to:



The information on this page is for informational purposes only. Although the contents of the website are updated and accurate, we do not provide statements or guarantees about the integrity, accuracy, reliability or availability of content on the website that relates to information, products, services, graphics. Any reliance on information on a website is strictly at your own risk.

In no case is the website liable for any loss or dissatisfaction that may appear as a result of something read on our site or may have been concluded from the content of our site.

Through this website, you can link to other sites that are not under the control of We have no control over the nature, content, accuracy and availability of those sites. The existence of such links does not necessarily mean an agreement with the content or opinions expressed within them.


Although we always try and make the greatest efforts to ensure the accuracy, completeness, reliability, speed and usability of the information sent to us by our customers, our User Experience page presents the individual cases that we collected through phone, social networking, post and e-mail, and they are not a guaranteed success that has been proven and done in supervised and controlled conditions.

As much as time allows us, we will try to be available for our users with all the advice regarding using our products, but we cannot guarantee success.


Since we do not have the means of tracking our users, we don’t take responsibility and do not accept the refund for the orders if the customer is disappointed (that is, the return of money and partial refund can be accepted only when the problem is in the delivery, delivery delay, inadequate description of the product itself or a packaging error). (This also applies to orders from abroad through PayPal and to Serbian customers who pay on delivery).


All content from BLOG section can be inspired by the content from the web that is not within our jurisdiction. So all the content on this site is only our advice and opinion by our experts that we leave for the visitors to assess whether they will apply. We don’t take responsibility for the accuracy of the information on these pages.

Within our capabilities, we make every effort to maintain this site. However, the website will not be liable for the unavailability of web content due to technical problems beyond our control.


Any changes to the privacy statement will be recorded here, so the visitors to our website will always know what information we collect, how we use them, and under what circumstances we share them with a third party.

We use cookies to improve your experience. By clicking “I Agree”, you accept our privacy policy. You can read more in our cookie notice more information

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